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Profesional airfreight services

Under our wings, you will not be another client with a given number. You will become the owner of the most important cargo which must be delivered to the recipient as soon as possible.

Airfreight services

Many years of experience as well as passion for aviation makes our work our hobby, too. Acquired knowledge allows Q-Lines for transporting specialized cargo

Charter and AOG service

Delegated courier on board Air charter “Grounded airplane” type of transport

DGR and PER packing

Starting with ordinary palettes, through designing and building chests to finally attested boxes fulfilling international IATA DGR requirements.


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We can offer each of the services above from every airport in Poland
as well as from the main European ports.
We are available 24/7 - ready to help you.

Sky freight

Sending goods via air has a key meaning for those companies which value fast and reliable solutions for their business. For the most dynamic ones, Q-Lines has created precisely suited transport solutions thanks to which you will gain an advantage on the global market.